Sandytown River Cruises (SRC)
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St George Queensland


As Brett said "you can't orchestrate wildlife" but we were certainly lucky enough to see an abundance of bird life.  It is rare these days for our teenage children to go more than a few minutes without checking their phones, but the only use they got was to take photos.  They were thoroughly engaged for the entire 2 hours and each commented on how great it was.  Thank you Brett!!!

Frances D.  2019

Experience the beauty and tranquility of a riverside cruise.  Relax and unwind, whilst the tree lined banks of St George pass idly by.

              A journal entry from 1846 made by Sir Thomas Mitchell:

“...and soon came upon the river, where it formed a noble reach of fine a looking stream as I have seen in the colony, excepting only the Murray......raised my hopes that this river might be found to come from the NW, a direction it maintained for 5 miles. The breadth was uniform and the vast body of water was a cheering sight. The banks were 120 yards apart, the course in general was very straight, contributing much to the perspective of the scenery upon it...”